The Meitheal model was developed to ensure that local services, community groups, and professionals work together with parents to give children and young people the best possible start. Meitheal enables practitioners in different organisations and agencies to communicate and work together effectively, with a Lead Practitioner who will support the family in identifying their child’s and their family’s strengths and needs, and then bring together a “team around the child”.

Aster Family Support actively identifies families for whom Meitheal may be helpful and appropriate and acts as Lead Practitioner in these cases. All referrals for Family Support will be screened as to their suitability for engagement in a Meitheal and where appropriate this service will be offered with Aster Family Support acting as Lead Practitioner. Where the Meitheal process identifies our Family Support programme as being a relevant service for that family, we will assign them a dedicated Family Support worker who will support the family through the Meitheal process. Meitheal is a voluntary process and is led by the family, with support from the Lead Practitioner, all processes and information are shared with the consent of the parents.

Meitheal’s work best to prevent problems arising or getting worse. During the Meitheal process, if a concern arises related to child protection, a referral will be made to the Social Work Service and the Meitheal will be put on hold or cease.

Meitheal is a Tusla led national practice model.


TUSLA Meitheal guide for Parents

TUSLA Meitheal guide for Young People


Download and complete the Meitheal Request Form if you’re interested in a Meitheal for your family. Or call (01) 516 1146 to chat with our team.